Bail Bondsman Tampa FAQ

What is the Bail Bonds process in Tampa?

In the unfortunate event you or someone you love is arrested, the judge or magistrate will place a bail and bail conditions, depending on several factors. We at Bail Bondsman Tampa act as a surety and use a bail bond to get you released from jail custody and to assure the city of Tampa you will show to all court proceedings and follow all bail conditions.

How does the judge or magistrate determine bail in Tampa?

Bail depends on things like character, nature of charges, history, and flight-risk.

What is a bail bond and how much does it cost?

A bail bond is a formal document, which guarantees your release from jail custody as well as your appearance in court. A bail bond in Tampa costs the premium of the bail, which is usually 10%. So if the judge or magistrate places bail at 10,000.00, your bail bond costs 1000.00.

What if I can’t afford the Tampa bail bond (or premium)?

Someone close to you can act as what is called an “indemnitor.” They co-sign on the bail bond. Or collateral other than cash or credit can be used, such as real property (house, automobile). If you use collateral, more than likely, if you follow bail conditions, your collateral is secure.

What are bail conditions?

Any conditions stipulated by the judge or magistrate in Tampa. Number one is to show to all court proceedings. Other conditions may be to continue employment, or check in regularly with your bail bonds agent.

What is a cash bond?

Bail Bondsman Tampa works as a surety for bonds you cannot afford. If you can pay with cash the sum total of the bail, then you will be released and your money will be returned upon conclusion of the court case.

Who is the indemnitor?

If you cannot afford the premium or the bail bond in Tampa, someone else close to you can use collateral to indemnify the bond—or co-sign on the bail bond. If the accused has an indemnitor and the accused is negligent or flees, the indemnitor may lose their collateral.

What if I don’t show up to the Tampa court?

You are considered a fugitive. A bounty hunter can be sent to bring you back to the jurisdiction of your arrest and court. You will be arrested and placed in jail custody without bail.